Energy-saving double - glazed windows
This is a special type of double-glazed windows that can significantly reduce heat loss and save the heat of your home.
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How to keep warm in the house?
The problem of efficiently preserving the heat of Russian apartments and houses, until a certain time, was not considered at all. In large and small cities and large villages, housing is heated centrally and, therefore, we are not accustomed to worry about excessive heat loss.

The situation changed when suburban construction began to gain popularity in Russia. In a private cottage, the owner himself must solve the problem of heating his house, many buildings are heated not with cheap gas, but with expensive electricity. The question of reducing the cost of heat in the winter is more than relevant for any resident of a country house.

As is known from numerous studies, windows are one of the main heat loss points of most buildings.
The design of energy-saving glass.
To solve the problem of heat conservation, which becomes important when installing plastic windows in houses and cottages , we had to turn to the experience of European countries, in part of which there is no central heating at all. In Germany, Japan, Great Britain, France, Finland and Iceland, residents independently heat their own houses and apartments and are aware of efficient heat saving not by hearsay.
To reduce heat loss, special, energy-saving glass and double-glazed windows are used in window designs.

Additional technologies and functions help to increase energy saving:

  • The use of gas (argon) to fill the air space between the panes in the glass
  • One or two airbags (two or three glasses per bag)
  • The use of special energy-saving glass (K or I glass)
  • Warm distance frame
  • Wide windows up to 52mm.