Tempered glass
First of all, it is used in the manufacture of windows to increase the strength of more than five times. In appearance, tempered glass is almost impossible to distinguish from the usual. It is made by the same technology, only additionally processed at high temperature. The most relevant windows with thermally treated glass for the children's room, as it does not injure fragments in violation of the integrity of the glass. When a heavy object enters the window, the glass simply cracks, but does not break. Optical properties and the ability to transmit light are not affected by high-temperature processing.
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Tempered glass application
Thermal glass annually expands its scope. Today it is used for:
  • the manufacture of trade windows, windows and doors;
  • glazing of facades of buildings, including for half-timbered houses;
  • manufacture of automotive glass;
  • furniture and interior items;
  • from tempered glass create winter gardens and greenhouses, facades of buildings;
  • can be found in the installation of roofs, canopies and other coatings of structures;
  • heat-resistant properties enable glazing of doors in baths and saunas, as well as various partitions.