Patterned glass
Patterned glass refers to decorative glass, it has a convex, embossed pattern on one side and a smooth surface with a reverse. , it is often called figure or ornamental.

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Distinctive properties and application of patterned glass:
Patterned glass has such a characteristic advantage as a small thickness. With a thickness of 4-6 mm, it has a small weight, but has high strength. With the help of experienced specialists of our company, you can decorate your interior using clear, frosted or colored patterned glass.

Patterned glass is often used:
· In original glass interior doors or partitions;
· In the manufacture of glass floors, stained glass and in the manufacture of furniture;
· Finishing office space;
Manufacturing technology.
Do the glass is produced by pressing. In a press with a certain shape of the ornament, a sheet of finished, untreated glass is laid and the required temperature is maintained. A special punch is used for pressure on the glass. Another method is the use of a belt and a roller. At the same time, a heated glass mass enters the conveyor belt. At a pressure of the relief roller, a certain pattern is obtained on the outer layer. It is also possible to use a smooth roller and embossed ribbon with the same result. Moreover, such a glass does not have a front side, it is installed according to the wishes of the customer and has a high light transmission: up to 80% is colorless and up to 60% is colored.