Liquid glass
Liquid glass is used for the preparation of concrete with heat and acid-resistant properties, in the production of fire retardant paints. The material is widely used in the chemical industry in the production of sodium metasilicate, silica gel. In the field of construction, liquid glass has been applied in the field of waterproofing floors, walls, foundations, as an adhesive for joining paper and glass.
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The material looks like a liquid solution of sodium silicate, water-based, with the addition of air binder from soda and quartz sand. In addition to sodium silicate, potassium can be used, which gives less white residue on the treated surface. Potassium liquid glass is supplied in a two-component, dry mix and temperature resistant binder, which are mixed before use.

Main applications:
1. Filling voids in the walls;
2. Primer screed;
3. Waterproofing wells;
4. Fire retardant coating;
5. Production of acid-resistant coloring solutions;
6. Fireproof processing of wooden products.