Diamond Glass Cutters
The oldest, but not inferior in quality to the most new inventions, is the diamond glass cutter. In a special way, a small diamond crystal with a special silver solder is very firmly soldered to the holder. Manufacturers use two types of diamond cut: curvilinear - to facilitate cutting glass for inexperienced people, and pyramidal with an installation angle of 20 ° - 22 ° to the tool axis - for professional use. When one cutting edge is worn, the diamond is turned 90 ° and the glass is cut with another edge. Glass cutter with natural diamond can cut glass with a thickness of up to 10 mm, with artificial - up to 5 mm. But artificial crystals are much cheaper. Tool life is 10 - 12 km. A worn cutting element can be sharpened with a cast iron disc or a mastic covered with diamond dust.