Armored glass
Even under the influence of strong shocks or high temperatures during a fire, it can break up into many fragments, but never drops out of its attachment. Due to the high resistance to open flame, the material is often used for the manufacture of fire walls. Its other scope of application is the installation of durable translucent partitions in utility rooms, on stairwells and in production workshops.
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Basic properties
Compared with ordinary glass, the reinforced version is characterized by much greater integrity, so its sheets can reach really significant sizes without the risk of their destruction. While plain glass of similar dimensions may simply not withstand wind loads. Also, the material is used in the production of:
  • Designs with anti-vandal properties
  • Exploiting open-air lanterns
  • Anti-vandal glass
  • Glazing warehouses combustible material
Due to its unusually high strength, safety at destruction for others, as well as resistance to fire, reinforced glass has become an integral attribute of the premises, which are subject to increased requirements for this or that protection.
The advantages of reinforced glass
The main advantages of wire-reinforced glass are its increased strength to impact and flame. In the case of mechanical destruction, the fragments do not fall out of the frame, and remain hanging on the grid, without representing a danger to others. The same thing happens in case of fire - the fire is simply not able to overcome such a partition, thanks to which its spread to other rooms is cut off, greatly facilitating the task of extinguishing.
Cutting features
Cutting of reinforced glass is characterized by high complexity, since the material simply bends along the cutting line, but does not break, as it usually happens with simple window glass. In such a case, it is necessary to bend down the piece held on a metal base as much as possible, after which the pieces of the steel wire holding it should be cut with nippers. Under production conditions, cutting can be carried out much faster and more conveniently, using automatic equipment for this, which ensures high precision and cutting speed.
Care rules
The reinforced glass sheet must be installed in a sturdy frame made of aluminum or other durable material. Special care is not required - any dirt can be easily removed from the surface with a damp cloth. To neutralize persistent stains, aggressive household chemicals and solvents are allowed. The surface practically does not attract dust, which, if necessary, is easily brushed away. Damaged by shock or fire material sheets must be replaced.